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I briefly mentioned this gem in my Croatia article on the blog awhile back, but wanted to revisit Gil’s Little Bistro because it is worthy of a full post. I have visited Dubrovnik five times, and spent a lot of time at Gil’s Little Bistro which is located in the heart of the Old Town. It truly is a gem. Old Town is the main attraction in Dubrovnik with charming cobblestone alleys off the Stradun, the main street. Walking through the town makes you feel like you are walking through a Medieval Times movie set- and it’s the actual set of Kings Landing from Game Of Thrones. During the summer season, it is crowded with tourists from around the world. With an over saturation of “touristy” restaurants and gelato shops in the Old Town, every restaurant isn’t any different from the next. That is why I think Gil’s is so special and unique among the rest. Gil’s is set in a charming little alley off of Stradun. I’ve spent time in the kitchen at Gil’s …


You know I love a good burger. I was invited to Hache LA in Silverlake to make my own burger in their kitchen! I did everything from grind the meat, make the patty, grill and garnish the burger. I even got to make my own fresh strawberry basil lemonade and homemade custards! I had so much fun. They use steak meat from a sirloin cut and you can see them grinding the steak meat as  your order.  At Hache LA, they make all their sauces from scratch as well as their custards and specialty drinks. You can taste the quality, and everything is delicious. It is a great burger so for all you burger lovers out there, make a stop at Hache LA and tell me what you think! I personally recommend the “Karma Burger”. The special Karma sauce is addicting! Enjoy!!!