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The last time I visited Barcelona I cooked authentic Spanish paella at a local’s house. I knew I wanted to do something with food while I was there, and what better way than learning how to make one of the most traditional Spanish dishes. The program was called La Salsamenta, and you can book through their website or find them on Air B n’ B experiences for Barcelona. I learned a lot about Paella and it was such a fun and interactive experience. Watch the video below of the highlights, and a big thank you to La Salsamenta for having me!



I chose Spain as my summer destination, so had to make a stop in Ibiza to see a few of my friends that were also there for the summer. This was my second time in Ibiza, but I had gone in 2010 when I was a lot younger and had no idea what I was doing back then lol. Now I know how to do it right- a bunch of my friends go every summer and I was with a good group this time who knew all the places to go. We rented an AirBnB villa and also rented a car to get around the island. We stacked up with groceries and booze for the week and spent the days at the villa, and nights out. To be honest, I’m not the biggest drinker or partier anymore, so going out five nights in a row in Ibiza sounded like pure torture to me lol. I went out three of the five nights which was more than enough for me. The clubs there aren’t really my …

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Mallorca was the final finale of my summer ’17 trip. It was the perfect end to an incredible summer in Europe. I had been to Mallorca in 2010, but only for one night. I spent five nights this time and stayed in an AirBnB in a charming alley in the heart of Palma, which is Mallorca’s capital city. Palma has plenty of shopping, restaurants and bars and it’s so nice to wander and get lost in the streets there. You can pretty much walk everywhere in Palma and it’s a great central location to stay on the island. I also have to recommend Rambla 28 for a fresh and healthy meal. I called it “Mama’s Kitchen” because it was always a woman or her daughter cooking everything in front of you in their little shop that serves healthy toasts, smoothies, salads, and the bombest sweet and savory crepes made from scratch. I literally went there every day for five days straight for a meal. It’s on La Rambla street in the heart of Palma and its …

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One of the restaurants that was recommended  to me in Barcelona by a few people, was Da Greco for Italian food. I wasn’t particularly thrilled to be eating Italian food in Spain, but then again, I’m always down for a good pasta dish. Usually if a place is recommended by a few people, I always want to give it a try, it must be good right? I also heard that Jay Z & Beyonce go there when in Barcelona, so that was another incentive, lol. We had our hotel call to make a reservation, and they couldn’t get through so we decided to just show up. It was the day after the terrorist attack, and a lot of restaurants and businesses shut down for a few days, so we were expecting to show up at a closed restaurant. When we showed up the door to the restaurant was locked. We stood there in defeat, bummed that we couldn’t experience it, and started to look for other dinner options on our phone. A few minutes later, …

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I usually pick one to two destinations each summer to travel to. This summer I chose Spain and spent the majority of my time there. I visited Barcelona, Ibiza, Mallorca and Valencia. I wanted to do an overall break down of my favorites in every city from food, clubs, beaches or sights to see. First up, Barcelona! I went in the beginning of summer and at the end- when I visited Barcelona at the end of summer in August I was there during the terrorist attack that occurred on Las Ramblas. I was staying at a hotel just a few minutes away, and it was a serious wakeup call to what is going on in this world, and it was the first terrorist attack in Barcelona ever. I went back the second time to Barcelona to attend a festival called Fiestas De Gracias which is a local neighborhood street festival. The different neighborhoods in Gracia decorate their streets and its a competition who has the best decorated street, the winner receiving a big cash prize. The …