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Malta has always been a fascinating place to me and has been on my radar for years. I finally had the opportunity to visit through a trip with the Malta Tourism Authority for six days this past October. I tried to squeeze in a visit over the summer, but I couldn’t make it work with my travel schedule. When the opportunity came around for an October visit, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I flew into Malta from Tunisia which was a quick one-hour flight on Air Malta. I flew back to Los Angeles from Malta on British Airways business class with a layover in London. I was blown away by the impeccable service on both British Airways flights, and how friendly and attentive the flight attendants were. It made it a real pleasure to fly. The business class was spacious and super comfortable with a full flat lay bed from London to LA. The food served on flight was also good. I would definitely recommend British Airways to anyone, and I can’t wait to …


I had the most amazing trip to Italy over the summer visiting Rome, Florence, Sicily, Venice, the Amalfi Coast, and island hopped on the southern coast. It was a lot of moving around in just a few weeks but it was all worth it. I have memories to last a lifetime. I made this video compiling my favorite moments of the trip. Also I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of the trip. Would love to know your thoughts on the video…enjoy!


I’m finally catching up on posting about my travels. I’ve had a crazy couple of months with work because of award season and fashion weeks! Sorry for the delay. I want to make sure I’m all caught up before leaving again for my next big trip! I visited Ireland during Christmas this past December. I flew from Edinburgh, Scotland to Belfast which is an easy 45 minute flight. I stayed at the Culloden Estate & Spa in Northern Ireland located in the Holywood Hills overlooking Belfast City and the Antrim coastline. Unfortunately the city of Belfast was shut down because of Christmas Eve but I did book a private Game of Thrones Tour which took us up the coast of Northern Ireland and showed us all the main areas where they film the show which was so incredibly awesome! We also made a stop at the Giant’s Causeway which is a World Heritage Site and a must see if you are in Northern Ireland. My favorite site I visited though was the Dark Hedges, which …