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Amazing burger alert! I’ve been to Plan Check Bar on Fairfax a couple times now, and I keep going back for their burgers. The “Chef’s Favorite Burger” in particular. The first time I went to Plan Check, I tried the “PCB” (Plan Check Burger) and was blown away by how good it was. The second time I tried the “Chef’s Favorite Burger”, and I decided I liked that one even better. These burgers are extremely rich- they are saucy and sloppy but if you’re in the mood for it and hungry, it’s extremely satisfying and delicious. I recommend trying both. I loved the crunch bun on the “PCB”, but I loved the cheese, bacon and hot sauce on the “Chef’s Favorite”- and it also has a fried egg! One thing that was unique about both these burgers is the “ketchup leather”. Instead of traditional ketchup, it’s in a texture of a fruit roll up. I was skeptical when I saw it on the menu because you know I love my sauce, but it worked perfect with …


You know I love a good burger. I was invited to Hache LA in Silverlake to make my own burger in their kitchen! I did everything from grind the meat, make the patty, grill and garnish the burger. I even got to make my own fresh strawberry basil lemonade and homemade custards! I had so much fun. They use steak meat from a sirloin cut and you can see them grinding the steak meat as  your order.  At Hache LA, they make all their sauces from scratch as well as their custards and specialty drinks. You can taste the quality, and everything is delicious. It is a great burger so for all you burger lovers out there, make a stop at Hache LA and tell me what you think! I personally recommend the “Karma Burger”. The special Karma sauce is addicting! Enjoy!!!


I’ve been dying to try this place for so long! I had seen mouth watering pictures on Instagram of these amazing looking breakfast burgers for awhile and finally made it there last week. It’s located inside the Grand Central Market in Downtown LA. The line looked long, but it only took about 15-20 minutes. My favorite food is a good burger or sandwich, and the sloppier and saucier the better. So seeing pictures of the Eggslut sandwiches on Instagram was love at first sight. I ordered the “Fairfax” and added bacon and avocado. It was delicious, and I will be back for more.