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Check out my video from my trip to Bali! What do you guys think? Would love your thoughts, suggestions or comments. I love this one. To see my full Bali guide and itinerary check out my previous Bali posts.  -Nicole Special thanks again to Four Seasons Bali, Ritz Carlton Reserve Ubud, and the W Resort and Spa Bali.


I went to Thailand with two of my best friends Caity and Dominique. This was my first NON work trip in a long time so it was so much fun and honestly the experience of a lifetime to be able to travel with two of your closest girlfriends. Caity had an appearance at Comic Con in Bangkok so we were there for a few days, which was a few days too long lol. If you’ve ever been to Bangkok you know what I’m talking about. It’s not a place you want to be for more than a full day. The beauty of Thailand is out of the city and in the North and on the islands. I went to Thailand with my dad in 2009 so this was my second time there. I really love Thailand. It has gotten a lot more touristy since 2009, but it is still amazing. I highly recommend visiting Northern Thailand (specifically Chang Mai) to experience authentic Thailand. I visited Chang Mai with my dad but did’t get a chance …


Singapore had been on my list of places to visit in Asia ever since I saw a picture of the iconic infiniti pool on top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. I got to give credit to Instagram, it really changed the game for so many industries, the travel industry being one of them. I have traveled and added so many more places on my travel bucket list because of pictures I’ve seen on social media. Although my stay in Singapore was short, the city is quite small so my two days felt like enough time to see all the main landmarks and get a good feel of the city and had a great experience. Singapore is a very cosmopolitan city and reminded me a lot of Las Vegas. It was the first place I visited in Asia that didn’t feel like Asia. The Singapore skyline was one of the most breathtaking cityscapes I’d ever seen. I was blown away by the architecture of the city. The shapes and structures of the buildings was like …