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A quick flight from New York and anywhere on the East Coast is the island of Bermuda. I often visit New York and have always wanted to make the trip to Bermuda because it’s so close, and I finally did. Bermuda is a happy and beautiful island. I was blown away by how genuinely friendly and happy the locals were. I found in all my travels that the local people have such an impact on your experience. My most magical travel experiences are in places where the local people have good energy. The energy of a place is highly affected by the energy of the people there. Unfortunately out of the three days I was in Bermuda, it rained two of those days. I only had one sunny day to experience the island and its beaches and that was not enough. I was definitely not ready to leave. Because it was raining, we had to figure out other things to do besides lay by the pool and go to the beach. We decided to visit …