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I jetted off to a last minute trip to Aruba for the weekend with Marriott Caribbean & Latin America Resorts. I went through their newly launched Solo Travel Series which is such a cool concept for traveling solo. It offers two packages- one called “All About Me” and the other “Solo & Social” to cater to different types of solo travelers. This really appealed to me because I started traveling solo after I quit my steady job last year, and basically started traveling alone to build my own brand and try to make a living out of it. Many people don’t have someone to travel with so they decide to travel alone, and this program offers all the safety precautions so all you have to do is enjoy yourself and not have to worry about the risks that come along with traveling solo. I got to Aruba after a hurricane and left right before Hurricane Nicole (how coincidental/appropriate lol) so I got really lucky. The weather was cloudy the first day and the ocean wasn’t calm like it …