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Since I’m recapping my 2017 travels, one of my most memorable trips of the year was my trip to Switzerland. I was working in Sweden for a job at the end of June, and wanted to visit somewhere in Europe after the job finished since I was already out there. I brought my friend with me while working in Sweden, and we were deciding between South of France and Switzerland. She wanted to go to Paris and the south of France, and I wanted to go to Switzerland. Everyone is in the South of France or Italy during the summer, especially bloggers, so I really wanted to go somewhere unique and different that not a lot of bloggers go to. It turns out, Switzerland was the cheaper flight, so I ended up getting my way 🙂 I had two struggle trips this year, the first one was Jamaica and the second was Switzerland. Although I found a cheap flight, I didn’t realize Switzerland was one of the most expensive countries in the world, and the …