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I wanted to share some of my Coachella look from this year. I took my sister with me and my brother also stayed with us, so it was a family affair this time which made this year special. Coachella is always so overwhelming and a lot ever since being in the industry as a blogger. It’s more work and less fun for sure but still has its fun moments. I guess it all depends what you make of it. Being with my sister this year made it a lot more chill too. I didn’t stress about doing and going to everything this year. I hung out at Foray Collective’s desert oasis house, and stopped by the Revolve festival parties on Saturday and Sunday during the day, and hit up the festival each night around 6pm to midnight. It’s a lot of walking, standing on your feet, moving around from event to event, and pretty much no sleep. At the end you feel completely drained and exhausted. I would say my biggest Coachella tips would be …



My first Carnival experience was in Jamaica of last year (2017). I went with the Jamaican Tourism Board, and it was a wild experience. I told myself I would go to Carnival the following year either in Trinidad or Brazil. I ended up choosing Trinidad because my friends who go every year told me I should start there first before going to Brazil. I knew nothing about Carnival in Trinidad, so when my friend started asking me all these questions like “Are you playing Mas? What band are you playing with?” I had no clue what he was talking about. Apparently there is Carnival lingo I had to learn before making a fool of myself before I got there lol. I quickly learned that Carnival in Trinidad was completely different than Carnival in Jamaica. CHOOSING A BAND: The right way to do Carnival is to join a band. There are a bunch of different bands to choose from, and let’s be honest, the most important thing about Carnival besides the dancing and the music is the costume. …



Check out my trendsetter checklist feature for Revolve Clothing. I shot five different looks + a one minute beauty video which you can also see on Revolve’s homepage! This was an exciting opportunity for me to show my personal style through my favorite and one of the best brands out there. I styled a faux fur look, statement pant look, blazer look, sheer dress & a jumpsuit look. Check out all the pictures below + “What’s in My Makeup bag video” all for Revolve. Hope you like! xx Nicole

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Lilia is known to be one of the best restaurants in New York. It’s known for amazing Italian food and hard to get a reservation. I recently went and ordered a bunch of dishes off the menu to make sure I tried enough to make a fair judgement on the place, and I left feeling unimpressed. I had high expectations and it definitely didn’t live up to the hype in my humble opinion. Although nothing was bad, nothing was out of this world or mind blowing. I think it’s worth to visit if you have the chance but don’t have the highest expectations because I feel like you’ll leave a little disappointed. Anytime something is super hyped, I feel like it’s always a let down. See the dishes I ordered below. * My favorite dishes were the Squash Filled Ravioli, with Hazelnuts, Parmigiano & Sage, and the Crispy Shrimp with Parsley Aioli. Also the garlic ciabatta bread as an appetizer was delicious!

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Portugal was another memorable trip from 2017. Every year I choose somewhere epic to spend my birthday, and this year I chose Portugal. I had never been there before, and I was in Spain most of the summer, so thought Portugal was the perfect choice, especially being so close  it was easy to get there. I LOVED Portugal. I would have to say it’s in my top three favorite countries in Europe along with Italy and Croatia. Portugal just has such an amazing energy, and I think it’s because of the people. As soon as I landed, I got good vibes. To me, that is what makes a place so special- the energy of the people, and all throughout the trip I came across the nicest and friendliest people. Only few places have that in my opinion. I also think TAP Portugal is a great airline to fly with really friendly staff and efficient service. I recommend flying them into Portugal. First stop and last stop of the trip was Lisbon. It is such a colorful …



My second time visiting Costa Rica, and it was just as magical as the first time…there is just something about it there. I went with Supercharge, an influencer travel agency and got to go with a few of my influencer friends. We had the best group which made our trip even more special- good vibes all around. It was a quick trip only for a few days and I visited a different part of the country than I did my first time there. We flew into Liberia instead of San Jose, which is the northern part of the country close to Nicaragua. We stayed at the Andaz Papagayo ( a Hyatt resort), which was a beautiful and lush resort on the beach. The first day it was raining all day so we spent the day at the resort getting settled in and going to the spa. We also had a barista class where we learned how to make coffee from different parts of the world. The second day we went horseback riding in the mountains to …



Since I’m recapping my 2017 travels, one of my most memorable trips of the year was my trip to Switzerland. I was working in Sweden for a job at the end of June, and wanted to visit somewhere in Europe after the job finished since I was already out there. I brought my friend with me while working in Sweden, and we were deciding between South of France and Switzerland. She wanted to go to Paris and the south of France, and I wanted to go to Switzerland. Everyone is in the South of France or Italy during the summer, especially bloggers, so I really wanted to go somewhere unique and different that not a lot of bloggers go to. It turns out, Switzerland was the cheaper flight, so I ended up getting my way 🙂 I had two struggle trips this year, the first one was Jamaica and the second was Switzerland. Although I found a cheap flight, I didn’t realize Switzerland was one of the most expensive countries in the world, and the …

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This year I visited Cartagena, Colombia and it made my top list of favorite places I’ve visited thus far. I’ve had another insane year of travel, so I’m finally catching up on all my travel posts to wrap up 2017. Because I went with a group, we had a schedule we had to stick to so wasn’t able to venture so much on my own to hit up the best restaurants and food spots so I will be back to create my own Cartagena guide. I plan to go back in 2018, but thought I’d share my pictures from this trip in the  meantime. I went to Cartagena with Foray Collective and Maaji Swimwear. I went with a few of my favorite blogger babes and the best word to describe the trip is magical. We stayed in the heart of Cartagena in a beautiful house put together by Maaji, which is a Colombian swimwear brand. The city of Cartagena is colorful with a Spanish charm. It almost feels like you are on a movie set, …