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This was my first time visiting Guatemala! Some highlights: I stayed at Casa Palopo in Lake Atitlan and it was a dream. I also hiked an active volcano which was one of the coolest travel experiences of my life! I loved exploring the charming streets of the local town of Antigua, and I loved learning about the Pintando Project in Santa Catarina in Lake Atitlan. The project is such an amazing way to bring the community together and help with tourism. Guatemala is definitely a country that I want to visit again. Hope you like the VLOG! XO


In addition to making my living through social media + brand partnerships, many of you know I also have my own production company. It is a creative agency that specializes in digital media content for brands, hotels, and tourism boards around the world. We have worked with several brands throughout the past few years, and I wanted to share a video in collaboration with the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora. Also, if you are interested in how to get and execute brand partnerships on your social media, you can check out this 4 hour course in collaboration with my photographer Michael Moretti, and industry experts Sidewalker Daily, HERE.  


I have traveled to so many different parts of Mexico my entire life, but never had been to San Miguel De Allende. This colorful local town is a few hour drive from Mexico City, and when I got invited to experience it for the first time with Azaria Travel, I was excited for the opportunity. On another note, I am DYING to go to Mexico City and can’t believe I have never been! It’s such an amazing culinary city, and the foodie in me has been itching to go for years. It has an incredible street food scene as well which is very much my vibe. I was going to try and squeeze in a few days to Mexico City when I went to San Miguel, but I thought being in a big city during the pandemic might be risky so I ended up opting out. San Miguel had little to no cases when I went January of this year, and the small town went above and beyond safety measures to keep it that way. The …


hi guys! After months of not traveling in 2020, I am excited to get back to writing travel guide posts for you after  getting back from my trip to French Polynesia for the second time. I wrote a pretty extensive guide on my first trip there, as well as 2 VLOGS in posts you can find here, but this time I visited some of the smaller & less visited islands that I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you on. I spent 23 days this time in French Polynesia, so lots of great info coming your way! I started my trip in Bora Bora and spent 9 days there. My trip to French Polynesia last time was 9 days TOTAL split amongst 3 different islands, so this time I got to spend some nice quality time in Bora Bora. I split my time between 4 different resorts: The Intercontinental Moana Resort & Spa, The Four Seasons Bora Bora, The Conrad Nui Bora Bora, and The Intercontinental Thalasso Resort & Spa. *I am not going …


At the end of 2020 I had a health scare, and for the first time in my life, I was worried about my health. Pretty appropriate and typical that it happened in 2020- seemed like the year for everything to go wrong. This was the cherry on top for me… In November of 2020, I was rushed to the Emergency room for severe abdominal pain that affected my entire body. I first thought it was just cramps or food poisoning, anything but what it was. I just finished a hike and was driving home and felt like I was going to faint in my car. I was praying that I would just get home in time before anything happened. I got home and was doubled over on my couch and floor for hours refusing to go to the hospital, and convinced that I had the flu or some sort of stomach bug (which I’ve never had in my life, but definitely didn’t think it was anything serious). My stomach pain was so severe it affected …


I am SO thrilled to finally post my 2nd VLOG from French Polynesia. This is from my 2nd trip there in September 2020. It was one of the only “big” trips I took last year during Covid- I show how it was to travel during the pandemic, a lot of the “BEHIND THE SCENES” of shooting and creating content for the brands, resorts and tourism boards I work with, and I try to give a good sense of each resort I stayed at to help you make decisions if you plan to book a trip there. I really hope you enjoy this VLOG, it’s one of my favorite ones 🙂 also PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL. I spend so much time shooting and editing these VLOGS, and it would mean so much and help a lot to get more eyes on my videos! if you subscribe to my channel, you get a notification anytime I post a new video so you don’t miss any! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! xx Nicole


(This post was sponsored by Olay, but all my opinions are my own).  As we all are spending a lot of time at home, I am finding ways of self-care  to feel my best everyday. One of the things that I take seriously as most of you know is my skin. I barely wear makeup, and that’s because I feel confident about my skin because I take care of it. Now that I’m in my thirties, I am looking for ways to prevent and prolong wrinkles and aging as much as possible. I feel like I live in a world where everyone gets botox and fillers to look younger (which I find nothing wrong with), but if I can prolong doing those things or even doing them at all, and use a product at home that works, why not! I love discovering new products and sharing my skincare obsessions with you on here, I hope you like it too! I have tried lots of different face serums, moisturizers, and gels- I even got into using …


Back to Tulum exactly a year later! I was in Tulum January of 2019 & 2020, and I kept my exact itinerary and stayed at the same places both times. I split my time between sister properties Zorba & Mahayana Beach Homes in the heart of Tulum. They are luxury villas right on the beach  in the center of the main strip in Tulum, yet it still feels quiet and remote. There’s only a few homes at both Zorba and Mahayana which makes it feel way more private and intimate than most of the “trendy” boutique hotels in Tulum with tons of rooms. I usually stay 2-3 nights at each place- this trip I started off at Zorba for 2 nights, then moved to Mahayana for 2 nights. I wrote about my past experience at both properties in my Tulum Guide blog post- you can see more info & pictures from my first stay  HERE There are different category villas that range between 2-4 bedrooms at both properties. One thing to keep in mind if you book-these are …


Better late than never! Edited my Finland VLOG  from last year FINALLY. This is probably my favorite video to date. It gives a great glimpse of what its like traveling with me, as well as shows you a good idea of Finland and things you can do there. It was such an epic trip, also different from my usual trips to warm weather places. My favorite part was experiencing the Northern Lights for my first time. It was indescribable and unforgettable. I really had the most magical time, and hope to go back soon. For my Finland travel guide with more info on activities and where I stayed, click  HERE! Hope you enjoy my VLOG, would love your thoughts! Connect With Me: