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Nicole Isaacs in Venice, Italy

Welcome! My site is the place to visit for the best food and travel tips and reviews. I’m Nicole Isaacs, a food & travel connoisseur and my mission is to discover the best food and travel destinations around the world. Born and raised in Los Angeles, I’m a little girl with a BIG appetite. My site features great food – from upscale dining to the best hole in the walls – as well as all things travel, highlighting the nicest resorts, beaches and nightlife destinations worldwide. I’m a little girl in a big world, and I’ve got a lot to explore. Come travel with me and join me on my journey!



  1. Danelix Ramos says

    Hello, Nicole

    I just wanted to say that you look absolutely fabulous you look and want to know what is your workout regimen? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi!
      I don’t have a work out regimen, I don’t work out often, but for me, it’s all about portion control! I eat whatever I want I just try not to over eat.

  2. Melanie Marie says

    Wow you’re so amazing I started following you on Instagram and I had too check out your blog it’s amazing and your pictures are beautiful , my dream is too visit and go all around the world & seeing yours inspires me even more , keep it up.

  3. Lacie says

    Hi Nicole my name is Lacie. I love to travel, but has yet to travel as much as like. I also want to start a travel blog as well. Can you share how you got started?

  4. Lenize says

    Hi!! Just wanted to let you know that you are a true inspiration!! How did you come up with this? How did it start? How are you able to travel the world as yourproffesion? How long have you been doing this? This is my absolute dream, I am wondering the steps you took to get here.

    Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  5. Nicole!
    I first found out about you through Naked Wardrobe, as a huge fan of theirs, I needed to know who their two beautiful models were. After following you for a few months now, you have become a huge inspiration! At 17 I took off from JFK alone, and spent a whole summer in Paris and London in a study abroad program. From there I knew traveling would always be my passion. I believe we are put on this world to explore it! Today I am 24 and proud to say I have 4 trips in the next year and a half, I will be seeing Mexico and Costa Rica for the first time. Following you has made me realize that I have my whole life to work and settle down, and I better explore and see this beautiful world while I can. I have a long term boyfriend, dog, business and have found ways to manage traveling amongst all the chaos! Thank you for showing me that you can in fact have it all! Without your inspiration I may still be sitting back thinking I am too busy, and not doing what I love! <3 Crystal

    • Hi Crystal!

      Wow I love hearing that. It’s your story that pushes me to keep doing what I’m doing. Traveling has made me the person I am today- grateful and grounded. Do it while you are young, there is no better time! Life is short, and a job will always be there for you. Would love to hear all about your travels, I’m excited for you! Thanks for the feedback and support. I really appreciate it. Keep in touch!


  6. Heather says

    Hi Nicole, I just wanted to say you are beautiful! I love to travel but have a dog so it makes things hard. I was wondering how did you get started in this type of work? Thanks so much!

    Xo Heather

  7. MHG says

    I want to buy a Triangl bikini, and I have kind of your body figure 🙂 … I just want ask someone that may have the same size… what size is yours? thank you

  8. Yulieth says

    Hey girl! Just wanted to recommend you a destination. Cartagena, Colombia. You’ll love it! Also, what’s your ethnicity? Because you’re gorg:)

    • I’m actually looking into Cartagena! It’s looks so beautiful. I will let you know 🙂 thanks for the recommendation! xo

  9. Lesley says

    Is this your only job? How did you manage to get this travel business started ? What keeps your income steady? Trying to figure out how you can travel the world and get paid too ! I’ve always dreamed of traveling to different places but I want to be able to have the money to do it with. Need an accomplice? Lol seriously though give me some tips please !

    • lol thanks! Please see my reply above! I answered both your questions in one reply- please keep in touch and share your travels with me…xoxo-Nicole

  10. Ashlea says

    I just wanted to say you are such an inspiration! I am a passionate traveller myself and seeing your photos has inspired me so much!
    Can I ask how you got yourself in the position to travel for a living? and what steps you took to get to where you are today?

    You are a true inspiration!

    • Hi! thanks for reading my blog! I have had a regular job as a TV producer for over 5 years. I did my blog on the side just for fun as a hobby. I saved my money and decided to leave my full time job at E! to travel and blog full time. I work and collab with brands such as Ciroc and hospitality and clothing brands as well to be able to travel full time. But I also work for a clothing brand and have a bunch of other things I do on the side for extra travel money as well. It’s just a lot of hard work and networking with people and brands, and getting yourself out there. Everyone has their own way of doing it. Hope this helps a little! xx -Nicole

  11. Maxi says

    Hi Nicole! I am currently in college, and my dream job is to be a travel writer. I wanted to know where you studied, what your major was, and also how you got started! Please let me know!

  12. Hi Nicole,
    I recently started following you on instagram 🙂 I wanted to know your nationality and also to recommend Nicaragua for your next adventure 🙂 I grew up there and visit frequent, I think you will really love it 🙂

  13. Bianca Mieses says


    WOW WOW WOW you truly inspire me to go and fly Hahahaha. I have always had a great passion for traveling. Financially it isn’t always the easiest. I have recently been researching forms on how to travel and still make a living. I am curious do you fund your own trips or do you have sponsors. I know that you are a blogger so I am curious to know how do you do it. Share your secret and advise on how one can fufill their dream the way you have been. Continue to inspire us all!!!!

  14. Lyn says

    Hi Nicole,

    I’m a follower/fan from the Caribbean (Trinidad & Tobago) and I just wanna say how much I admire you. You seem to be such a free spirit and independent minded person. That’s really great. Your travel pictures are amazing. I’ve been to a few places around the world and absolutely love traveling. Seeing new places and learning new cultures is an amazing blessing. I hope to travel some of the destinations you’ve been to. You are definitely a great example to young people to follow their dreams and live each day enjoying life to the fullest. All the best in your future endeavours. You should make a trip to Trinidad and other Caribbean islands. We have the best beaches, great food and so much culture to enjoy. Simple island life. It’s the best!

    • I would LOVE to come to Trinidad & Tobago. I’ve heard such great things. It’s definitely on my travel bucket list. Thank you so much for reading my blog! It means a lot. xo- Nicole

  15. Chris says

    I read your blog simply because you are beautiful. I hope that is ok with you. 🙂

  16. Chris says

    What TV show were you a producer for?

    And FYI I first noticed you on the clothing brand you work for when they posted on IG. I asked then who you were a bunch of times and they never replied. But thanks to IG your IG account was on my popular page and I finally found you!

    How many days do you travel during an average year? And it seems like you mostly go by yourself. Doesn’t it get overwhelming and don’t you get home sick and lonely?

  17. farah zaghmouth says

    I love what you do! The quality of your work is perfect! TAKE ME WITH YOU! lol

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  19. Nicole,

    I tried reaching out to you on instagram but I can imagine how many comments and messages you get. You are the reason I started blogging, and it was the best decision I ever made. So thank you, for inspiring me. Your pictures, adventures, and food choices are phenomenal and I hope to do even a fraction of what you do. I would be eternally grateful if you even looked at it 🙂 It’s still a baby, but I am working on it.


    Merry Christmas !!

      • Thank you for responding , looking forward to hearing from you soon (hope I didn’t miss an email from you already) =)

        My site has been updated for the new year, I realized that you may have seen it when it was still under construction. Hope I didn’t steer you off !

  20. Andrea says

    Hi Nicole! I ran into you on IG and find you inspiring and beautiful! I read your recent update on what you’re doing with your life now and I must say it is eerily similar to what I did with my life. I was born and raised in the valley outside LA and was always on the move due to my father’s job. At 25 I decided to call it quits with material things. Within two weeks I quit my wonderful nanny job, left my relationship, sold my car and material possessions, and worked two jobs to pay for a one way ticket to Argentina. I lived and worked there for a year and then moved to London for a year. 3 years later, I am now living in NYC. The one question I always got was “How do you do it?” A lot of people assumed I was lucky and given the opportunity but truth is I worked very hard every step of my travels and I gave up a lot of material things. Traveling and exposing yourself to the world outside of your comfort zone opens your mind and changes you forever. So glad to see someone take the plunge and go against the grain like I did. You won’t regret it! Best of luck. Xoxo.

  21. Hi!

    I love reading your blog and learning about all your travels! I’m in college now, and want to travel but am hesitant because a lot of friends are not as willing to travel – should I still do it alone? (travel meaning weekend trips to cities where I don’t really know anyone). Do you travel by yourself or do you usual travel with a core group of friends?

    Thanks and I love reading your blog!

  22. Hi Nicole,

    My name is Syed

    I loved your recent Instagram posts from Whistler.

    I’ve been following you on Instagram for some time now and may I say it has been a pleasure. I always look forward to your posts and I am intrigued by your adventures. Currently, I live in Liverpool, UK which Is a great city, you should come and check it out. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in Vancouver. Have you explored it much on your travels?

    Kind regards


  23. Sarah says


    Just wanted to say how much I love your blog and Instagram! You have inspired me to start my own blog! I was wondering if you use your iPhone to take your pictures or a camera?

    • Nicole Isaacs says

      Hey Sarah, depends. Sometimes on my iPhone and sometimes on my Canon. But I do take a lot on my iPhone!

  24. Adrianna says

    Hi Nicole just wanted to say how beautiful you are and I love checking out your latest travels/outfits on Insta. Do you mind me asking what ethnicity you are? You have such a beautiful exotic look and it’s actually quite refreshing to see a beautiful non-blonde, curvy girl for a change. It’s inspiring for us Latin girls to see some good attention. Again sorry if that’s a bit of a random question.

  25. Denisse Monroy says

    I love reading ur blog and checking ur pics on Insta from ur travel, food! And fashion! You inspire me so much to do so many different things in life even though I travel for work you make me want to travel so much and so many different ways. And been following you for a while makes me want to do something new in my life. You’re so beautiful and that smile u got its gorgeous! Can’t wait for ur next trip to see:) safe travels!

  26. Nikol says

    Hi Nicole❤️❤️❤️
    Where can I find your own photo processing application? I remember it you had before, but now I can not find it anywhere.

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